Thursday, March 16, 2017

HEAVEN'S WAITING ROOM BY Clare Wilson What if heaven didn't have room for the general public?

Been reading a lot lately. Mainly from the book catalog of Rave Review Book Clubs. Some very interesting and unique gems. Here's one I just reviewed. I hope you read the review, are so taken with the book that you will go ahead, buy, read and review it.

Heaven’s Waiting Room
Clare Wilson
What if heaven didn’t have room for the general public, but only “top drawer” candidates who’d made something of their lives (not necessarily public officials, politicians and CEOs.) What if these spirits who leave the living realm are forced to lead a non-life existence on earth floundering to find a sense of belonging, learning who’s a good ghost and who's evil.
Portia is a young deceased teenager who must pick her own way throughout her new life.
We learn about how she finds her way, meets a new family and engages in battles of good vs evil helping her new and old family along the way.
This is a different kind of ghost story, told from the ghosts point-of-view, delightfully funny in some spots, but engaging throughout. Yes, there are some uh-oh moments where she and her friends must find a way out of situations.
This is a delightful YA fantasy that can be enjoyed by all ages. (well, maybe not toddlers). The scene where Portia goes to heaven by mistake (grabbing hold of a dying person who’s bound for heaven) and where she tells God’s first Lieutenants what she thinks of their system is great fun to read. She comes to learn why she’s earth bound, who’s she’s destine for, and what her life might be like for the rest of eternity.
Four stars. Excellent simple story.

Patricia A. Guthrie Reviewer 


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