Saturday, March 11, 2017

IT'S HARD TO GO HOME by Lori Soard



Three cousins, Aaron, Millie and Josh are in their pre-teens. They do everything together until one day Josh is killed in an accident. Aaron and Millie are devastated, but Millie takes it harder. Her friends in school seem to shun her, and she doesn’t know why. In addition, her mother is beyond strict with her and won’t let Millie visit Josh’s grave—
In the midst of all this turmoil, Millie makes new friends, one with the “fast” crowd leader, Renee and the other from the cheerleading crowd, Claire. Each has an affect on her life. When Renee invites Millie to a party, Millie finds out just how fast the crowd is. She calls Claire’s mother to pick her up. She’s learning who she is and what side of the line she wants to associate with.
This is a good YA story about coming of age. Learning to make the right decisions and what happens when you make the wrong ones. Good for teenagers and adults. We can identify with Millie and her growing pains, and the parents who go a little too far to keep their children safe.
I give this 4 stars.

Patricia A. Guthrie

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