Wednesday, March 15, 2017

NO FAIRY TALES by D.L Fin The Reality of a Girl who wasn't a Princess and her Poetry

NO Fairy Tales
D.L. Finn
The Reality of a Girl Who Wasn’t a Princess and Her Poetry.
No Fairy Tales is a journal (or memoir) of an abused child turned teenager who is forced to make difficult choices throughout her young life, because there’s no one around to care—just abuse.
This book is unique in that the first part tells us her story and when she’s done we get a glimpse into her inner heart and soul and we swim in her beautiful poetry, bask in the sunlight of her words and rests in the vast fields of heartfelt knowledge.
The pictures (although I have a black and white kindle) are lovely. I choose the roses for my favorite.
 I gave this four stars because I loved the poetry, exquisitely written, and art work, but had some problems with the journal. But, I got it. Yes, I got the theme. Abuse should never be condoned and if it is, someone needs to write about it. This poor child had no one to talk to. No one.

Patricia A. Guthrie Reviewer

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