Monday, May 1, 2017

Our Springtime Book and Block Party has been extended for at least another day. April has been a month full of unusual and interesting blogs from the outstanding members of Rave Review Book Club or #RRBC. Yes, we're on Twitter, Facebook and lots of other sites. I'm happy to have two blogs represented--work related--"How to Write the Perfect Book Review" and "Writing the Blurb for Fun and Profit." You can see these a little further down in this blog.

I hope you have investigated my stories or rather, my characters' adventures. They've had many. They've endured ghosts, international hitmen, stalkers, drug dealers, chase scenes esp. in airports, relationships in trouble (romantic suspense always have relationships in trouble.) castles, explosions, bad dreams and lots of other stuff. That's only in three novels, mind you.

Once again, hope you've had a great time at RRBC Springtime Book & Block Party. If not, get on there today and see the great authors who share our club.

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