Saturday, June 6, 2015

Dixie's Happy Adventure--Pat's Nightmare


I thought I'd talk about my horse today. Out of respect for the Belmont Stakes this afternoon, but because my mare showed another sign of her personality on Thursday. 

We'd had a great ride. She did nothing wrong--everything right. I had a renewed surge of riding courage. Rode around the grounds, out of the confines and safety net of the outdoor area. We had a bath. She more than me, but I had my share of the water, too. I let her graze and dry off. Brought her back to her stall.

Now, my mare always goes for the peppermints that I throw in her feed box when we're finished.

Stupid, stupid me. Her behaviors has been so good I've gotten lax. (don't ever get lax with even the nicest of horses.) I left the stall door open, as I plunked the peppermints into her box. Usually, she'd go for the peppermints. Today? Nope. The sunshine and beautiful weather got to her.

She decided to go for a walk.

Out she went, past me, trotted down the hall. Went PASSED the stacked hay, where most horses would stop and snack. Did she stop and stack? Nope. Not her. Out the door. Passed a barn hand, who'd figured out that a horse with no halter, trotting by herself was not a good thing, tried to stop her.

Horses, somehow, know they're bigger than us. Stronger than us. And, some of them even think they're smarter than us. She throws her body to the right, around him onto the grass by the side of the barn and trots down the driveway and (Holy S---) onto Steger Road.

Steger Road is a busy street, especially in the afternoon. Cars come barreling down that street, some like they're qualifying for the Indi 500. Somehow, that day, all cars came to a sudden and abrupt halt.They lined both sides of the street, which was fortunate because had they not stopped, either Dixie would be dead or still running around the forest preserves across the street. However, she trotted along the side of the road, drivers gawking. Pat (that would be me) and other boarders (bless them) ran around trying to catch her. So glad there's another driveway on the other side of the owners' house. Instead of running straight toward the highway, the mare seemed to know where her bread is buttered (or oats come from) She trotted down the driveway toward the pens (and other horses) and settled in for a nice long munch of grass.

Another boarder brought her horse along--a Dixie buddy.

Here, the adventure and suspense ends. No problems putting on her halter and leading her self-satisfied self back to the barn, her stall and the hay that now lay in her stall.

Dixie had returned. Pat has learned her lesson. As nice as any horse is, they do have their own personalities and their "fun" side. (which isn't always so funny.) Horse inside stall--stall door closed. Period.

Time for Belmont Stakes Preview Show.


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