Monday, January 4, 2016

Read---Kill Devil: Mystery of the Cane by P.J. Erickson

Here's a book to read in the cold, cold days of winter. A red-hot novel by P.J. Erickson.

KILL DEVIL: Mystery of the Cane by PJ. Erickson (winner of Rave Review Book Clubs Push Week) For Sale on

Someone is clearing the streets of derelicts in a Florida town and the police have other things to do, but when a young girl disappears, Chase Larsen discovers a trail of kidnapping and slavery that leads to a bizarre plantation where two men plot the destruction of America.
Florida's diverse and awesome beauty becomes the backdrop for this novel of kidnapping and murder where one man must bridge the distance between centuries to prevent a deadly conspiracy.
Fast paced action once again embroils Chase and his private investigator, Annie, in mayhem and murder led by none other than their nemesis, Dominick Wilding. The plot weaves through pre-civil war to cyberterrorism with places so vivid you'll see them and characters you'll remember long after you've finished reading.
Don't miss this new adventure. What is Dominick up to now? Will he triumph or will Chase solve the puzzle in time?

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