Wednesday, March 2, 2016

BOOK REVIEW: "Finding Katie" by Harmony Kent The story of one girls struggle for survival and overcome the traumas of childhood. As suspenseful as any thriller

This is a well-deserved five star book, the story of one girl's struggle for survival and to overcome the traumas of her childhood. 

We start our journey as Kate wakes up in the hospital, is admitted into a mental ward and subsequently learns her parents don't want her anymore. Seventeen-year-old Kate is now abandoned and locked up. Why? Because of the horrific self-infliction of wounds that we learn is part of the "Gothic" culture--but not in Kate's case. She's not Gothic, just horribly abused and in need of getting rid of her pain. This is her story, but not hers alone. 

There are the friends she makes along the way, fellow abused patients, a caring staff, which is good to see after all the stories told about abusive mental health workers. Not here. If ever a child had a way of regaining self-esteem and road-to-recovery, it's Kate. 

Harmony Kent did a brilliant job of research, character development and plot design. Good work to Ms. Kent and "Finding Katie."

Patricia A. Guthrie

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