Saturday, October 27, 2018

OUTSHINE: An Ovarian Cancer Memoir

Karen Ingalls

Karen Ingalls writes a touching, yet suspenseful memoir as a cancer victim,  then as a  survivor.

She takes us through her diagnosis and the fear she felt, the chemotherapy treatments and how they weren’t as bad as she thought, but she lost her hair, anyway. She talks about her friends who helped her pick out cute hats, wigs and turbans to hide her baldness, then decided to go bald, instead. At first, she was embarrassed, then came to adjust to it. 

Karen also takes us through her spiritual growth where she leaves everything in God’s hands. Well, God, spiritual guides and her doctors.

It was amazing how the trilogy of recovery (God, spiritual guides and doctors) all came together to wipe out Karen’s cancer. Except, I forgot one thing. Karen’s attitude. Built with regard for her own health and well-being, she refused to let Ovarian Cancer beat her. Instead, she fought and conquered it.

This memoir can and should be read by everyone, not only by cancer victims and cancer survivors but everyone.  

It’s not clinical, but deeply human.

I gave this five stars, partly for the information and how well she wrote her story, and partly because I couldn’t put it down

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